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Watch this video to discover how easy it is to test scrap gold. Our Scrap Gold Guide will walk you through the step-by-step procedures to test gold so you don't get ripped off. It's simple! 

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Some Insight Into How Gold Parties USUALLY Work and What's Wrong with this Approach. NOTE: It's not essential to employ the use of Gold parties to build your business. We teach you how to get a website built for less than $50 and start an Internet, Store or "Mobile" gold buying business also.
First, let's talk about what a gold party USUALLY is! You know the drill, a friend invites you to a Gold Party. Of course you have no idea what a Gold Party is and you're curious. Your friend tells you to simply gather all your unwanted scrap gold jewelry and bring it over to their house for some snacks, maybe a beer or some wine, and the certainty of leaving the little get together with CASH IN YOUR POCKET!
Yeah, that's right! Rather than leaving your friend's home with a stack of tupperware, a bunch of soap (Amway), or some useless candles (Partylight), you'll trade your scrap, broken, mis-matched gold jewelry for cash.
So... you review your old gold jewelry and realize you have several pieces you really have no use for. A couple of old watches, half a set of earrings, a few rings, a necklace, and 2 gold chains. You think to yourself these can't be worth much but what the heck. You haven't seen your friend in quite a while. Why not take your scrap gold, have some fun, enjoy a beverage and leave with some cash?
You arrive at your friend's and you're surprised there are several other friends and a few family members already present. And they brought their scrap gold jewelry as well. Your host greets you, offers you a glass of wine and some chips and dip and advises you the gold buyer will be with you shortly.
Soon, your host leads you to the gold buyer Now unbeknownst to you, your host has arranged with the local jeweler to have a trained scrap gold buyer present. Testing gold is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! A magnet, some test solutions and a simple little scale are all that's involved.
Anyway, the gold buyer tests your gold to see whether it's 10 Karat, 14 Karat, 18 Karat, 22 Karat, or 24 Karat. Then each piece is weighed. Finally, based on today's scrap gold value, the gold buyer determines the value of each piece, adds up the totals, and gives you cash or perhaps a check.
At our gold parties, the average Gold Party attendee leaves with $300 to $1000 or more! Not bad for a small amount of old, scrap jewelry.
Now here's where it gets a bit more interesting! In our scenario 15 people attend your friend's Gold Party. The average payout to each attendee is $455.00. So... $455 per attendee X 15 attendees = the total payout by the gold buyer is $6825.
But there's one thing your Gold Party host failed to share with you: the gold buyer representative from the jewelry store paid your Gold Party host 10% of all the scrap gold jewelry purchased from the gold party attendees! That's $682.50 in cash to your host! Plus your host sold another $735 of their own scrap gold to the gold buyer. That's a total cash outlay to your host of $1417.50. Not bad for one night's work by a gold buyer representative from a nearby jewelry store!
One last thing, the jewelry store gold buyer usually kicks-in up to $50 to the host for all the refreshments served. Nice!
Now... What's wrong with this story, this gold party scenario? Simple! All the Gold Party attendees made money selling their scrap gold to the jewelry store gold buyer ONE TIME!
Worse, the gold buyer paid a pittance for all the scrap gold; probably on the order of 35% of the true value of all the gold!
The host made money arranging the Gold Party, inviting their friends, and selling their gold ONE TIME!
The Gold Party attendees made money one-time as well!
Who really makes out? The jewelry store gold buyer! Yeah! Why you ask? A couple of reasons. Because it's VERY COMMON for the Gold Party attendees to invite the gold buyer to purchase scrap gold jewelry from their friends and family as well. Sure, Betty attends your Gold Party and decides she wants to hold one of her own for her friends and family. So, she requests the gold buyer appear at her home at a later date.
The second, and more important reason, is that the jewelry store gold buyer only pays 35% to 65% of the true scrap gold value of all the gold purchased from the Gold Party attendees. What does this translate to in CASH?
Let's do a simple calculation. We can get the up to the minute scrap gold "payout price" 24/7 at USGoldBuyers. For illustration purposes, let's say today they quote a "payout price" or "buy from you price" of $10 per pennyweight (dwt) of 18 Karat gold (Don't worry about this term now).
And let's say the gold buyer at the Gold Party we attended purchased a total of 1000 pennyweight (dwt) of gold from all the Gold Party attendees.
Now we know that gold buyers from jewelry stores, Internet gold buyers and Cash4Gold type businesses rarely pay more than 65% of the scrap gold value; and 65% is VERY high! So, in this example, we'll use a "payout price" of a very high $6.50/pennyweight. (Remember, we can send all our gold to USGoldBuyers ourselves and receive $10 per pennyweight in this example).
Thus, the gold buyer at our Gold Party would pay out $6500 (1000 pennyweight bought at $6.50/pennyweight = $6500) for scrap gold, send it to USGoldBuyers and receive $10,000.00 thereby pocketing $3500 for one night's "work." Not too bad...
So... how do YOU turn this scenario on it's ear and BUILD a REAL BUSINESS that makes automatic money; often while you sleep?
Can YOU duplicate the scenario described above and put this kind cash into YOUR pocket?
Let us show you how we do it!
  • Learn how to test the Karat and weight of scrap gold yourself. It's a no-brainer and we'll train you. In less then an hour you can learn how. And the scrap gold test materials, magnet and scale can be purchased for less then $35; we'll show you where.

  • Dump the "gold buyer" and do it yourself; eventually using a commissioned employee(s). If you don't have the cash to make the purchases now, use the jewelry or pawnshop "gold buyer." at first AND SAVE YOUR EARNINGS so you can eventually dump them!

  • These "gold buyers" are begging to be introduced to your friends and family! It's easy to entice them to come. We'll teach you how in our Scrap Gold Money Machine Guide. It's easy... we guarantee it! Based on our experiences, the typical gold buying event can yield significant profits for an hour and a half's work! We can teach you to accomplish this as well with our Guide and keep these profits for yourself rather than turn them over to a Cash4Gold type company or a gold buyer from a pawn shop or jewelry store!

  • Drop-off or mail all your scrap gold purchases directly to the gold Refiner. It's easy! Refiners want and need your scrap gold purchases. And they pay 90% to as much as 98% of your gold scrap value rather than the measly 30% to 45% Cash4Gold pays millions of scrap gold sellers every year!

  • Pay your Gold Party hosts 10% of all scrap gold you purchase at their Gold Party event. Kick-in $25 to $50 for refreshments as well. After all, YOU CAN AFFORD TO!

  • When a guest at a Gold Party requests a Gold Party be arranged for them, pay the original host 2% to 4% of all scrap gold you purchase at the second Gold Party. For example, Betty has a Gold Party where you purchase $5000 of scrap gold. You pay Betty 10% ($500) for all gold purchases you make. John attends Betty's Gold Party and requests a Gold Party at his home. So... at John's Gold Party you purchase $7500 of scrap gold. You pay John 10% ($750) and you pay Betty 3% ($225).

    Do you see the POWER of this? This is HUGE!! Can you imagine the Scrap Gold Money Machine you've created?

    You'll have an army of affiliates promoting your gold buying events!

    You can even take this another level deep! What if Marty attends John's Gold Party and requests you hold one for him? We pay Betty 1%, John 3%, and Marty 10%. 

    We'll even point you to a fantastic piece of software you can purchase later when your new Scrap Gold Money Machine gets cranking that will simply and easily manage this for you... for pennies!!!! Or, do it manually.

  • Embrace the Internet! We'll teach you how to get a web site to expand your Gold business beyond any geographical borders! Our "Scrap Gold Money Machine Guide" will walk you thru Web Site development, choosing a domain name, web site hosting, in-house web site development versus out-sourcing, search engine tactics and strategies, pay-per-click and Google Adwords techniques, Organic search engine positioning and more!

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